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Eskimo Chair and Cabinet, design: Sigrid Strömgren

Eskimo Cabinet with built-in sound absorption, design: Sigrid Strömgren

The Eskimo collection was presented in Salone Satellite in Milan 2010.  The collection includes a chair and a sideboard, both covered in quilted upholstery. The acoustic door panels of the sideboard are soft and flexible and stay up with magnets. The sound-reducing element is a built-in function, not an after thought.

Exhibited in Salone Satellite Milan 2010, Spazio Rossana Orlandi Milan 2010-2011

GRAND CENTRAL design: Sanna Lindström / Sigrid Strömgren

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Photo: Martin Eek

Grand Central is a collaboration between Sigrid Strömgren & Sanna Lindström. A collaboration that created an innovation – a new way of expanding a table.

Grand Central is an innovative foldable table that expands from a space saving occasional table to become the central piece of the room. The tabletop is divided into 22 pieces and the table expands through its advanced construction.The spectaculor transformation only lasts a few seconds, a short moment of poetry when the table folds out like an origami flower.

Exhibited at: D3 Contest – Talents selected 2010 IMM Cologne, Salone Satellite Milan 2010, Spazio Rossana Orlandi Milan 2010-2011, UNG8 – Young Swedish designers 2011-2012, Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011, Swedish design goes London – London Design Week 2011

HIDE & SEEK for Ligne Roset

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Hide & Seek Occasional table. design: Sigrid Strömgren

Producer: Ligne Roset 2008


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Producer: Materia
Design: Sigrid Strömgren, 2008

The patented noise-reductive table Silent Whisper cuts the noise by half (10 dB reduction) through its innovative material use & construction.

Silent Whisper effectively minimises scraping and rattling noises. This noise reduction is integrated in the design: invisible for the eye, but unmistakable different for the ears.

Before developing Silent Whisper  Strömgren spent 6 months fulltime with a group of noise researchers, and devoted two years of her master studies to investigate sounddampening materials & constructions. The material choices are well considerated: During the working process of Silent Whisper she compared and sound tested over 50 material combinations to find the ultimate solution.

Silent Whisper is awarded with Guldsyrsan & Red dot design Award in 2008 .


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Design: Sigrid Strömgren 2007

Tubulour steel chair with integrated noise reduction. Innovative material useage & vibration dampening construction.

Awarded with the swedish sound design award Guldsyrsan for “pioneer-work in sound design” in 2008.


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Design: Sigrid Strömgren 2007

0,75 km hand knitted 100% stainless steel

Knitted on demand, price upon request

Hidden not Forgotten

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Design:  Sigrid Strömgren 2003

Hidden not forgotten is a table with 5 tabletops in one,  with option to expand in four directions. The distance between the tabletops makes temporary storage possible, and gives the ability to shift between different projects, push work inside the table to start up fresh with a new blank tabletop.

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