April 6, 2010 Comments Off on SILENT WHISPER for Materia

Producer: Materia
Design: Sigrid Strömgren, 2008

The patented noise-reductive table Silent Whisper cuts the noise by half (10 dB reduction) through its innovative material use & construction.

Silent Whisper effectively minimises scraping and rattling noises. This noise reduction is integrated in the design: invisible for the eye, but unmistakable different for the ears.

Before developing Silent Whisper  Strömgren spent 6 months fulltime with a group of noise researchers, and devoted two years of her master studies to investigate sounddampening materials & constructions. The material choices are well considerated: During the working process of Silent Whisper she compared and sound tested over 50 material combinations to find the ultimate solution.

Silent Whisper is awarded with Guldsyrsan & Red dot design Award in 2008 .

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