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Noise-reduction is the startingpoint in most of Sigrid Strömgrens designs. In her latest project, unveiled at Superstudio Piú in Milan 2013, she takes care of the buzzy sound environment in open offices where the opportunity for privacy often is limited, and the sounds of other colleges voices is a distraction that is hard to escape.TIPI frilagd röhsskaTIPI – A freestanding quiet hide-away for noisy office landscapes and public areas. A quiet escape for private conversations & phonecalls. The TIPI also works as an acoustic sound absorbing element in the room that helps to bring down the reverberation time.NOOK 3 Sigrid Strömgren lowresNOOK _2_  Sigrid Strömgren low resNOOK –  A desktop/tablescreen that protects you from surrounding office noises. Due to its triangular shape NOOK is space efficient and easy to regroup and change spacial layout.NOOK flat Sigrid Strömgren low res

This project is kindly supported by: The Swedish Arts Grants Commitee, KVADRAT & TTC Tibro


NOOK & TIPI is unveiled at the Swedish Pavilion, Swedish Design Goes Milan – NEW MAKERS & DOERS at Superstudio Piú, Via Tortona 27, Milan 9-14 April 2013.

Röhsska Museet, Göteborg 14-19 maj 2013

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